Introduction to formatting

Once design elements – stencils, templates, images and icons – are added to the page, they are called Objects.

The Format Panel is where you customize these objects to apply a distinctive design language to your project.

Most of the Format Panel’s controls are common to all objects, but some controls are specific to individual object-types.

In this section, we will cover both the universal and specific formatting capabilities but, first, let’s take a look at the Format Panel itself.

Format Panel

Go to the Right Sidebar and click the Format Tab. The tab will turn blue, and will open the Format Panel.


The Format Panel opens automatically when you double-click on non-text stencils or icons.

The Format Panel is divided into Sections with specific formatting controls. The sections are collapsible, so clicking on a section’s name will hide or reveal that section.

The panel will always display the default sections that are common to most objects: Size & Position, Fills & Strokes, Rounded Corners, Drop Shadow and Blur.

Some objects come with specific styling capabilities. In this case, the panel will display an additional section with those options.