Introduction to images

The Images Library differs from the Stencils and Icons libraries in that you build it yourself – with assets external to the Moqups app. You can upload any ready-made design elements like logos, photos, or visual assets from your corporate branding or style guide.

Moqups allows you to work with three image formats: JPEG, PNG and GIF.

In the following section you’ll learn how to upload images to your library. We’ll explain how to add images to your project, and then crop and format them.

You’ll also learn how to group images on the page, and organize them quickly and effectively by using the Outline Panel.

Working with Images is similar to working with Stencils, Icons, and Templates. All these elements have the following things in common:

  • They have dedicated tabs and panels in the left sidebar
  • They share most of the same formatting tools
  • They are referred to as Objects once they’ve been added to a page
  • They can be grouped, renamed, and organized from within the Outline Panel

To locate the Images Library, go to the Left Sidebar and click on the Images Tab. The tab will turn blue – and open the Images Panel.